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2022 President     Mr Colin Burman
2022 Captain     Mr Gary Tweedie
2022 Vice Captain     Mr Andy Barnett
2022 Lady Captain     Mrs Norah Pye
2022 Lady Vice Capt.     Miss Susan Wallace

Board of Directors:                                                  

Ms Jane Thomas          to Mar 31st 2024
Mr Andy Nicholls         to Mar 31st 2024
Mr Huw Jones              to Mar 31st 2022
Mr JSO Jones               to Mar 31st 2023

Club Administrator

Mrs Hayley Henson   


Professional: Matt Davies

Courser Manager: Rob Lydon

Committee Chairman:  Aly Greenwood

Competition and Handicap Committee

Mens Competition
Handicap Secretary
   Pro shop


To download and print a copy of our score card click here (PDF document) 

Dress code

We try to set a minimum standard of dress and ask that everyone wears normal golfing clothing on the course and smart casual in the clubhouse.

Collared or golf specific shirts, tailored trousers or shorts with socks and appropriate golf footwear on the course is required.

Risk Assessment

To download the latest copy of our Risk Assessment, please click here

Data Protection Policy

to download the latest copy of our Data Protection policy, please click here

Child Protection Document

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Equal Opportunity Policy

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Competitions will be suspended if conditions are such that golf is unplayable or there is danger to those playing.

Suspension of play will be notified by ONE long blast on a klaxon. Players should mark the position of their ball and retire to safety/shelter (or to the clubhouse depending on proximity).

If play is subsequently continued, notification will be by ONE further long blast on the klaxon; players should replace their ball in the previously marked position and continue play.


If conditions are such that the Competitions & Handicap Committee representative(s) decide that a competition has to be abandoned, this will be notified by TWO long blasts on the klaxon.





Knockout Rounds

. Both players in the draw must make contact with each other within 5 (five) days after the end of the previous round to arrange a mutually acceptable date on which to play the next match. 

  • If a mutually acceptable date cannot be agreed:

    • one player can concede the match to the other;

    • a coin can be ‘flipped’ to determine a winner;

    • if no agreement can be reached it will be for the player wishing to claim the match to present himself on the first tee at 6pm on the day of the deadline, ready to commence play. Should his opponent not turn up, the player should enter his own name in the next round of the competition. 

  • Please do not ask anyone in the club to arbitrate on any matters of dispute regarding fixing the date for matches - players must come to an agreement between themselves following the guidance in the preceding paragraph. This is a members’ competition, run for members, by members. You are responsible for making sure the event runs smoothly. 

  • The deadlines for each round are RIGID. Any match not completed by the deadline for the round will be removed from the draw. Both players will be automatically ELIMINATED. There will be no appeals procedure. 

  • When a match has been decided, please enter the winner’s name in the next column of the draw sheet. If a name is not entered, for any reason, by the deadline, BOTH players will be eliminated



Introduction: This document sets out the general arrangements and rules for the running of competitions at vale of Llangollen golf club (VLGC) that come under the umbrella of Golf Union of Wales, and covers all Men’s competitions.

Responsibilities: The Handicap and Competition committee (H & C) is answerable to the club’s board of directors for the arrangement and running of all Men’s club competitions.  Any dispute regarding the running of a competition shall be referred to H & C whose decision shall be final.  Individual Members are responsible for familiarising themselves with the competition arrangements and rules for acting in accordance with them.

Eligibility: Only paid up members of VLGC who have a recognised handicap administered by CONGU may take part in club competitions.  Members with a handicap of 28 may enter club competitions and win divisional prizes.  Board competitions may only be won by members playing with a handicap of 18, any member playing with a higher handicap will be reduced to 18 to qualify.  Players who do not possess a competition handicap (denoted by a ‘C’) will not be eligible for prizes (except for two’s). 

General Arrangements: All single stroke play events (Medal, Stableford, Bogey) will be run as Qualifying Competitions for handicap purposes from March to October, white tees only.  Any pairs, foursomes, greensomes, betterball, texas scrambles, turkey trots and Match play are non qualifying competitions.

Competition Entry: Before commencing play in Men’s single competition, the name of each entrant must be recorded on the entry sheet and the relevant entry fee must be paid in the pro shop.

Starting Times: A member may book into any competition on the How did I do (HDID) web page and may also book in playing partners for that time slot.  Once the competition has closed on the web site then any amendments must be made through the pro shop.  Any member repeatedly cancelling their tee may be contacted by the club to explain their actions. 

Playing Arrangements: All competitions are governed by the Rules of Golf as published by the R & A, including those on etiquette and by any permanent or temporary local rules.  In addition:-

a)    At no time shall playing groups consist of more than 4 members.

b)    Play shall only commence from either the 1st or 5th Tee except in shotgun starts.

Playing Restrictions: Juniors may play in Men’s competitions but must have a playing handicap of 28.

Scorecards: For competitions at VLGC the pro shop will provide a scorecard which will include the competitors NAME, the DATE, and START TIME of the competition.  The player is responsible for ensuring that he enters the essential details.  For all competitions the competitor is responsible for entering his current playing handicap.

Recording of Scores Returned: The player is responsible for ensuring that:

 a      The correct gross score has been recorded at each hole and in the case of pairs the correct column.

b      The card is signed by both the marker and himself

c      In single competitions the hole by hole gross score is entered on to the computer system.

d      The score card is returned to the box in the foyer next to the computer without fail and without delay.

 Omissions in respect of c and d above can affect the calculation of the CSS in single events and thus changes to handicap.  The H & C may impose a temporary suspension of eligibility to take part in club competitions on those individuals who:

       Repeatedly infringe any of the above a,b,c,d

More than occasionally submit Non returns (NR’s)

Find themselves being disqualified on more than a few occasions.

Resolution of Ties: Should scores be equal the following comparative procedure shall be followed until a difference is archived.  Back 9, last 6, last 3, last hole. 

Notification of Competition Results: As soon as possible after the event, the H & C committee will determine and publicise the results by posting a Competition result sheet on the relevant notice board and on the HDID website.  Changes to handicaps will also be posted as above.

 Competition Prizes: For most competitions, prizes will be in the form of monies being placed to the players pro shop account.  The number of prizes and the value depends upon the number of entries and the competition format in regards of divisions.  A small proportion of the entry fee is retained for the repair and engraving of club trophies, the purchase and engraving of mementos presented to trophy winners at the Clubs Annual Presentation evening and for the updating of the honours board.

Breaches of Competition Rules: failure by a member to follow VLGC competition rules may result in the temporary suspension of eligibility to take part in club competitions.



Late Withdrawals are defined as anyone withdrawing and crossing off their name from the printed list once placed on the noticeboard AND before 6pm when the Professional Shop closes.  Lists are placed on the noticeboard on Friday before a weekend competition, or Tuesday for a midweek competition.

Individual Competitions

If your Late Withdrawal means one member is left without any marker you MUST make contact and inform the member of your late withdrawal.  You MUST also report your late withdrawal to the Professional.  If the withdrawal is not reported to the Pro Shop, your withdrawal will be treated as a No Show.

  Pairs Competitions

If you are considering late withdrawal from a Pairs competition, you are required to ensure that your playing partner is aware that he/she MUST turn up for your tee time to act as the marker for the other pair.  If you can arrange for another pair to replace you, this would be ideal, but the minimum requirement is for your partner to turn up.

Should both partners withdraw late and not provide an alternative pairing or a marker, both will be treated as No Shows.

Group Booking of Tee Times

There are some groups who book a number of players into competitions.  It is now vitally important that each member who is booked in by another is made fully aware that the booking has been made and there is a responsibility on them to report for their tee time on competition day.

We have had a number of inconvenienced members complaining about the seeming lack of Club action in regard to Late Withdrawals and No Shows, and the events of the past few weeks have forced the Committee’s hand in trying to ensure that those members who turn up for their tee times have a legitimate expectation that markers will be playing with them.


Slow Play- do what you can to help speed up play

  1. Players can do more to help. There is too much time wasting by some. Apart from some players seemingly endless posturing to prepare for a shot you should:
  1. Always be ready to take your shot. Get as near as possible to your ball without endangering yourself or being discourteous to your partners.

  2. Clear the green as quickly as possible and leave your bag on the exit side of the green. Do not mark your card until you have a free moment ie not when it is your turn to tee off or on the green after everyone has walked off.

  3. Try your best to keep up with the players in front. If you feel you are dropping behind – bring this to the attention of your group and try to speed up. If the position is hopeless and you continue to lose distance on the people in front, let people behind you through.

  4. The fact remains however that some people are going to take longer than others and some of these feel pressured every week to play faster than their ability or fitness allows. Others have no excuse and should be reminded by their playing partners that they are slow and that they will be frustrating the whole field behind them and that they are putting their playing partners under pressure to play faster to compensate for them.



Ladies Section

Lady Captain Mrs Norah Pye
Lady vice Captain   Ms Susan Wallace
Ladies Secretary   Mrs Barbara Wright
Ladies Handicaps   Mrs Sue Dale
Ladies Competitions   Miss Ann Thomas


If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact our office team on 01979 860906.