Views of the Vale



Views of The Vale January 2022


Let's begin by wishing staff and members a safe, healthy and successful golfing year. In 2021 my New Year’s Resolution was to send regular Views of The Vale editions, blogs or whatever you want to call these epistles. Well, apologies as I failed miserably and sadly my handicap has matched my V of the V output.

It is good to see new members who I hope are taking advantage of the Sunday morning Pick Ups/Sherry and Chocs. I should let you know that I have been writing this letter to members since the Centenary year in 2008 and our new Mr President, Colin Burman has asked me to continue with V of The V.

How are you getting on with the new handicap system? It seems that every time I submit a score I go back a shot.  

New faces includes Rob our Course Manager, Ken and Pam our Franchisees running the bar and catering. I don’t remember such changes all at the same time but they have certainly hit the ground running and their influence is clear to see. Welcome to VLGC, one and all.

I’ve enjoyed the Seniors Christmas Lunch and a Christmas meal with a group of ancient comrades who play a friendly game and enjoy a meal before Christmas each year. Ken, Pam and staff certainly put on a great spread on each occasion.

Wow, there have been some significant developments on the course. I thought it was going to develop into a quagmire in December but January has been drier and warmer, helping growth and providing Rob and his team with valuable time for winter work projects. As I said yesterday, “If they keep up the high standard of work we will all have nothing to complain about!” Ha, ha.

Some tees are showing wear and tear due to heavy traffic but I’m sure they will recover in the Spring.

The work of volunteers has been exceptional and Russ Bickley has led some work on the course whilst OB posts have been added by John Wright and friends. You will see the new hole information sign on the men’s fifth tee that a group of members are developing for all tees and of course there are the new winter tees being built by Peter Jeffs and John Wright. As I played golf before Christmas and saw Lady President Ann, Director Jane and Chair of Course Committee Aly raking bunkers I felt very guilty. They have certainly put in many good shifts over the last two years along with Sue Dale who is often tidying up around the club house. We should all be grateful for the time spent  a number of volunteers who have helped out through last year, some early birds were up and running with the lark.

When you go on HowDidIDo members lists you will notice the sign of a man alongside certain names. This denotes members who have donated towards Prostate Cancer Research and personally I really appreciate donations to this worthwhile charity.

Its good to see social events being advertised again following the last two lock down years and I wish Captains, Gary and Norah every success in Their Year of golfing, socialising and fund raising. 

Sincere thanks to Lady President Ann,  Andy and Margaret whose presidency and captaincies over ran into two years when the directors probably had the busiest time in the Clubs history.

Lets hope we can get down to the serious business of lowering handicaps, winning County and National events and supporting the club’s social scene.

Best Wishes, Ken Williams