Club Buggy Policy

The Vale of Llangollen Golf Club

Golf Buggy Policy

Use of Ride-on Buggies on the Golf Course



This statement will encompass the minimum criteria to be applied, and the conditions that must be met by anyone who wishes to make use of a motorised ride-on buggy at The Vale of Llangollen Golf Club.  These documents will form the club’s policy for the use of golf buggies in the environs of the club.

Users of buggies on the course fall into two categories:

  1. Users of club owned buggies
  2. Users of privately owned buggies

Privately owned buggy users fall into two categories:

  1. Buggies used by able bodied golfers where club rules allow their use
  2. Buggies used by those who need vehicular assistance to navigate the course.

Those requiring vehicular assistance can be:

  1. Those with a recognised disability as defined by the Equality Act 2010
  2. Those who although not officially recognised as being disabled still require vehicular assistance to assist them to play golf

Equality Act 2010

Primarily, the act concerns itself with anyone who has a disability as defined by this legislation,  Under the Act, Golf Clubs and other premises have a legal duty to produce a policy that allows equal access to the club to those players who have a recognised disability as defined by Section 6 of the Act.  The club has to ensure that all reasonable adjustments which may include the use of a golf buggy are made to allow those with a disability to play golf.  This policy will fulfil this requirement.

The club has also decided that it would also be beneficial to any future members as well as to our current membership that we develop a policy that encompasses all members and visitors who while not fulfilling the legislative definitions of being disabled but never the less need the help provided by a motorised ride-on buggy to play golf.

Buggy Use

The safety of everyone is of paramount importance, no-one will be allowed to use a buggy within the club environs until they can demonstrate that they can use it safely to the Club’s Professional’s satisfaction.

The purpose of this document is to establish a standard for the safe operation of all ride-on buggies operated on the course at The Vale of Llangollen Golf Club.

The document also sets down the criteria for the use of privately owned buggies.

A copy of this policy will be published and kept in the Professional shop and in the office and will be available on the club’s website.

Privately Owned Buggies

The use of a privately owned ride-on buggy is allowed strictly subject to prior authorisation by the club and the owner conforming to and agreeing to whatever terms and conditions the club operates at the time of its annual permission. The acceptance of any annual permission does not automatically extend to the following year.  

The use of a privately owned motorised ride-on buggy at the Vale of Llangollen Golf Club is subject to completing the attached documents and returning these to the Club Manager and obtaining their written approval for use of a buggy.  The forms and policy can be obtained from the Club Office.


Any person operating a ride-on buggy on the golf course must demonstrate to the Club Professional that they have the knowledge, training and skill to safely operate the vehicle and be fully accountable for their actions and the consequences thereof.

The safe operation of ride-on buggies on the course requires conscientious application and adherence to the minimum standard of care prescribed by this policy.

Ride-on buggies must be operated in accordance with the requirements of the following documents which can be obtained by request from the clubs administration office:

Appendix 1 – Golf Buggy Safety Policy

Appendix 2 – Essential and Safe Operating Practices

Appendix 3 – Buggy Route Guidelines

The club reserves the right to refuse permission to use a buggy if all the conditions stipulated are not complied with.

From time to time, club staff may determine that the state of the course or the weather is such that safety of buggy users is unacceptably compromised or the course may be damaged if a ride-on buggy is used.

This might apply to the whole or just part of the course.

Potentially unsuitable conditions include waterlogging, frost, reduced visibility etc.

Where such conditions arise, the club will review the situation on at least a twice a day basis.

The club will endeavor to ensure that restrictions placed on buggy users will be kept to a minimum.

Use in General Play and Competitions:


Buggies can be used during competitions and people can share buggies (outside of Covid times) provided they sign the relevant documentation in the pro shop.  We require one signature for a buggy and that person takes responsibility for the buggy during its use.

Social Golf

In social golf, sharing is permitted.