Views of the Vale



Views of The Vale                  Friday 5th July


Local Rules Edition


At this week’s Greens meeting the question was asked about a ball lying on the path to left of the ninth green and where a player can take a drop. The bank to the left is deep rough, steep and difficult to access. 

It was proposed that a drop zone be created on the bank, near to the surfaced path (OBSTRUCTION), before the green. A sub committee looked at the area and a line at the bottom of the path now demarcates the start of the slope up to the tenth tee where you can either play the ball as it lies or take a free drop in the DZ, drop zone. The DZ is located to the left of the path before the green where the grass has been cut. 

If your ball lies on the path before the line the usual free drop rule (knee height) applies. Take nearest point of relief, one club length. See Rules of  Golf, Player’s Edition, diagram p94, Rule 16 on correct area to drop. 

After inspection the bunker on the right of the 2nd has been deemed fit for play. There were some concerns about tree roots that could have caused a health and safety problem if players hit them whilst playing out. 

It was also decided, after a trial period, that the GUR area around the conifers on the 2nd will return to normal play. 

The above will take immediate effect.


Ken Williams

Chair of Greens.


MAY 2019

The preparations for the 2019 Captains’ Charity Day began in early Spring when Captain Phil and I were approached by Nick Dulson and Brian Hughes with the idea of raising funds for Brain Research UK.  Captain Phil and I were indeed fortunate to have them on board.  The four of us along with Vice-Captains Andy and Margaret met on several occasions leading up to the big day in order to bash out ideas, put together a list of all the tasks that would require completion both before and during the event and sort out exactly who was doing what.

Thank goodness for fine weather on the day.  It was a long day too – a 07:00 start to set up the half-way house and bar.  Captain Phil had already set up the Wrexham Lager bar the evening before.  Thank you to everyone who helped in any way on the day including those of you who played – there was a whole army of you from all sections of the club.  Thank you to everyone who donated competition, auction and raffle prizes and food for the half way house and to those of you who sold raffle tickets.  Thank you to Nick and Brian for sourcing and collecting the majority of the prizes.  Vice-Captain Andy generously sponsored the tees and Sue Dale donated a large slice of the sponsor money she collected from her West Highland Way walk.  A big “THANK YOU” to all of you from Captain Phil and I.

There were a variety of sub-competitions on the day and prizes to be won.  There was a hole in one competition of the 2nd, 6th, 14th and 18th.  On the 2nd and 11th there was a nearest the pin in two competition.  On the 18th you could test your skill against our very own Gareth in “beat the Pro”.  A putting competition took place on the top putting green.  For £20 you could enter the “restaurant and accommodation (Brian’s) lottery”.

There was great excitement mid-morning when visiting player Paul Buntin recorded a hole in one on the sixth.  He wins a two-day holiday for four people at the Forest of Arden Resort.  It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. 

Throughout the day raffle tickets were on sale and you could bid for any number of amazing things in a silent auction.  When all the players were safely back in the clubhouse the raffle, lottery and auction were closed and the winners announced.

The last of us left the clubhouse at 23:00 and Jane ran President Patti and Graham Davies to their respective homes in Llangollen.  We all agreed it was too far for them to walk ……

To date the funds raised for Brain Research UK is approximately £10,500.

CONGRATULATIONS to Captains & Lady Captain for her report


April 2019

Views of The Vale

Just as we were enjoying some warmth and the joys of spring, along comes the cold sleety April showers! The course is looking most inviting so lets hope the sunny intervals and gentle breeze promised for the weekend is well founded. The greens were treated to an aeration system treatment this week and they have certainly been running faster and true recently. I played a local course recently where the fairways have been seriously damaged by last year’s weather, we played off mats and the greens were bumpy. I was glad to return to my home course!


I am grateful to Lady Captain for penning a few words for Views of The Vale

You may have heard (if not seen) that the ladies’ changing room is currently undergoing refurbishment.  The work started at the beginning of January with the fitting of a new suspended ceiling with integrated lighting and continued throughout February and March with the painting of walls and woodwork, removal of some furniture and the old carpet.  This was quickly followed by, the fitting of new “Spikeproof” carpet tiles and ceramic floor tiles.  The colour theme is grey, to match that of the washrooms which were refurbished in 2018. 

We are now at the stage of gathering quotes for new “island seating” incorporating shoe storage and the fitting of a new hanging area for clothing. I anticipate that these will be installed in about six weeks’ time.  My first three months of Captaincy have been busy!  I am indebted to our little working party who have driven this project and those of you who have been part of the “hands on” team, some of whom had never held a paint brush before in their lives!  Everyone is welcome to view the new décor.

Meanwhile, out on the course, you have no doubt noticed that forward red tee markers have appeared on the 18th hole.  This is because we are swapping the stroke indices of the 6th and 18th holes so that they more accurately reflect their degree of difficulty.  We now have the option of playing the 18th hole as either 115 or 145 yards.  The new score cards will reflect those changes.  Score cards will be monitored throughout the season to see if the forward red tee plays to its new stroke index of 16.  Anyone playing the red 18th is encouraged to feedback their opinions of it to our Competition Secretary Ann Thomas.

Preparations for the Captains’ Charity Day on 1st June in aid of Brain Research UK continue apace. Myself, Captain Phil, Vice Captains Andy and Margaret are meeting regularly with Nick Dulson and Brian Hughes to plan and staff the day, make preparations and report on the gathering of sponsorship and prizes for the competitions, raffle and auction.  Please get involved if you can!

On the social scene you may have been one of the 88 people who sampled the culinary delights on offer at our recent “Spring Buffet”.  Ken and I recently mused about the origin of this occasion and we traced in back to 1911 when it took the form of a whist drive, dance and supper.  It has changed its guise over time to a wine and cheese evening and then in 2008, our Centenary year, it became a buffet which was so popular that it has continued as such to this day.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you to those of you who helped in any way.  We raised £777.18.

All of this is evidence that our Golf Club’s community is healthy and thriving.  We constantly monitor our environment, engage with each other, make alterations to improve things and thereby evolve and survive.

Alyson Greenwood, Lady Captain


I was invited to see the improvements and they are very impressive. The spring buffet was a great success and good luck with Captains’ Charity Day.




March 2019

Ladies Spring Buffet Tickets at £9 for this Saturday’s Event can still be obtained from Gwynfor.

In a booklet, ‘A Hurried History of Llangollen by Gordon Sherratt,’ Sherratt quotes the famous essayist William Hazlitt. Hazlitt has given the finest description of the view from the Holyhead Road after leaving Froncysyllte. “It was an April day and the valley glittered green with sunny showers, like an amphitheatre, broad barren hills rising in majestic state on either side with green upland swells that echo to the bleat of flocks below and the River Dee babbling over its stoney bed in the midst of them.” “No doubt I would return sometime or other to this enchanted spot.”
This is a good explanation of why members and visitors keep on returning to our course, set in An Area of Outstanding Beauty and a World Heritage Site.
I walked the course today to see the flooding that staff had photographed and put on our Facebook page and couldn’t believe how the waters had receded and the greens staff had obviously been busy restoring the first and second holes for play after so much rain and river deposition. A large log had been found on the first green! It is a long time since the river was so high but rainfall to the west was exceptional as flood reports for Llanrwst and Bala testify and Bangor on Dee residents must have had their coracles ready to escape the rising waters. I remember 1963 when the river was touching the top of the town bridge arches. A maritime climate certainly keeps the greens staff busy with gales, storms, frost and snow and then heat waves. Then there are flushes of growth, trees down, floods and badgers!
Last year sent us The Beast from The East and an exceptional hot spell so hopefully we can get back on track for a good growing season and the course matching the glorious surroundings.

If you want to keep up with the condition of the course obviously call The Club and press 1 for course status. Our thanks also go to the pro shop who update the twitter page and the Greenkeepers who also update their Facebook course page. Despite a lot of bad press recently these social media sites do have their uses! Thanks also to the office for keeping both us members and visitors up to date on the club promotions,reports, events and membership offers on the club facebook site.


ps Stop press. Here we are 24 hours after the deluge and the course is fully open thanks to a tremendous effort from the green keepers and surely one of the best drained courses around! BH


Views Of The Vale February 2019.

            On a biting cold morning, members of the Greens Staff were able to make good use of their First Aid training and help one of our Seniors who was becoming hyper thermic.  Their prompt and efficient action is greatly appreciated.

 I have heard some members complaining about my reports on the affect of the 2018 weather on the condition of the course. Whilst we are in a period of unexpected warmth for the time of year the greens staff are cutting fairways and rough in “February” I haven’t heard any complaints!  The course is looking a treat for the time of the year. Pick up your copy of Golfers local that is on the table in the foyer and read the Green Keeper’s report from Hazel Grove Golf Club to learn about fusarium. The greens have been treated once again for fuzz today (21.02.2019)

                        Congratulations to Mr President and House and Social for putting on a social night with a disco that really filled the dance floor.  Don’t miss St David’s Day Celebrations and book your tickets with Gwynfor as soon as possible.

            Many thanks to Russ Bickley, he has kindly donated a new golf ball washer for the course. The plan was to use it on the men’s’ first tee but hopefully your clubs and balls are sparkling at the start of the round so we are considering where to set it on the eleventh tee. If you would like to make a donation towards raising the bar on the course please let me know. (KW)

            Set your alarm clocks for an early wake up to make this Sunday’s morning pickup, the forecast looks good.


            Whilst our subscription fees are so favourable compared to many clubs across North Wales and North West England, we also have a Pro Shop stocked to please golfers of all abilities and our bar and catering prices favour members after a round or when attending social functions. Tell your friends and possible new starters that there has never been a better time to join VLGC.


Show this to your wives, partners and family gentlemen.

BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty has said that finding golf has changed her life and that the sport is fantastic for women.

In an interview with The Scotsman newspaper she revealed that she plays golf regularly, and now has a handicap of nine, even though she only started playing the game in 2007. Naga Munchetty even chose the Ryder Cup as her specialist subject for her appearance on Celebrity Mastermind – and won.

“I’ll be honest, golf has changed my life,” she said.

“I got into it about eight years ago when I started to have lessons. My husband, James, was hacking around a couple of times a year and I refused to play, as I used to think golf was an old man’s game, a posh game, and not for me. But I started taking lessons, and was taught by Anna Radford, who used to be on the Ladies’ European Tour, then I started playing. I just loved the fact you are competing against yourself. I love team games as well, but I love that in golf it’s just me.

“I meet amazing people from all walks of life and socialise with people I wouldn’t necessarily choose to socialise with, but I learn something every day.”

Munchetty acknowledged that golf does have an image problem, but it’s one that can be easily addressed.

“We need to encourage golf clubs to set the course up for younger people, give them time, let them enjoy nine holes, let them play in groups and put an effort in with their pros to focus on young people. In the long term, it could make a real difference,” she said.

“We know golf clubs are struggling in terms of membership and they have to look to the future and not just be pandering all the time to older or established members.

“I think the barriers can be broken down. Often there is an attitude that women do their thing and men do their thing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At my club they have men’s and ladies’ medals on the same day and rotate the ladies field each week, with them starting at the beginning of the day, to the middle, to the end, and that has made a massive difference.

“Why should women go out at the end and wait on every shot? Clubs also have to work on speed of play, it’s a real issue. Golf has to be played quicker to encourage more people into the game.”


ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND – JULY 30: television host and presenter Naga Munchetty of England watches her tee shot on 15th hole during pro-am round of 2013 Ricoh Women’s British Open held at St Andrews Old Course on July 30, 2013 in St Andrews, Scotland. (Photo by Wojciech Migda)

“I think there are some amazing characters coming through in the women’s game, from all over the world. It’s great to see women like Lydia Ko, who doesn’t look like your typical golfer. Golf has had this image of older ladies, with money, and now you are seeing the likes of Charley Hull who has come from humble beginnings, seeing girls who are strong, fit and athletic.

“It shows people that golf is not just about skill, but you need to be athletically fit, mentally strong and have good manners.”

This article was found in The Golf Business 

            Finally, I played Prestatyn this week and enjoyed watching Greg Purdie shoot 6 birdies on a day of cold driving rain and gales. The weather improved back nine and Greg’s long drives, pin seeking second shots and accurate putting was a real treat. He is now involved in running the scratch team and we have a strong interest in the County Team. This is really what we are all about and the development of Denbighshire and Welsh golf is crucial for our sport and Club. 


Views of The Vale   January 2019.


The Course has held up well this weekend and Saturday’s comp went ahead with a rain filled finish. A brave and gallant group of stalwarts battled yesterday’s high winds in The Pick-up and Sherry and Chocs. I remember Phil Coleman starting the Sunday pick ups when he was Captain in the seventies and it is great to see them continuing. Allowing new members to get to know officers and members. There is plenty of repartee and banter in the clubhouse and on the course. Gentlemen need to set their alarm clocks early on Sundays and be in the Club for the eight thirty draw or be in the Club at eleven o’clock for the mixed Sherry and Chocs.

Reminder: Mr President and House and Social have planned a Disco for Saturday 9th February and the list of attendees is filling up nicely. Don’t miss St David’s Evening on March 1st as diners will be joined by Ieuan ap Sion a four time winner in the National Eisteddfod baritone solo and five time winner in the tenor solo. He will sing in English and Welsh. Further details of tickets will follow shortly. Book for both events with Gwynfor asap.



Views of The Vale December 2018


Quiz Night is TONIGHT Monday  10th December 7.00 for 7.15


Some thoughts on a wet afternoon and no golf!  It gave me time to give my clubs a much needed clean, sort out all the pockets in my bag and polish up my shoes. 

To look back over the year, I’ve been asked by Mr Captain to read the Greenkeeper’s column in Golfers Local as it sums up the difficulties that all courses have had to deal with throughout 2018. Pick up your copy in the Club House or find it online on Golfers Local website.

We’ve had cold spells, hot dry spells, watering system difficulties, a late autumn with leaves galore and the recent warmth bringing disease on the greens. Every Greens team has been stretched to the limit. 

Today saw the first Turkey Trot of the season being cancelled so we have done well considering we are two weeks away from Christmas Day. 


This month sees Graham Davies finishing as Chair of The Greens Committee and I have accepted the President’s offer to take over after Graham. He has put the committee in order and spent some valuable hands on time around the course. Our course walks have helped to make a meaningful plan for the future. Many thanks Graham.

Jeremy Hughes and I will be walking the course soon and discussing where we are with the three year plan. Andrew Barnett has agreed to be Vice Chair of Greens and I look forward to working with him, Professional Matt and Greenkeeper Andrew plus his team.


I hear the Ladies Section make a collection for the Captain’s Charity rather than send Christmas Cards to each other. A good idea to do away with the pile of cards that remain in the foyer after the festive season!


It is some time since I asked members about the range of wild birds spotted on the course and I think they should be added to the course ecology information. We are more than a golf club as part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Can you add to the lists? Here is a start:-

Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Buzzard, Heron, Nuthatch, Cormorant, Green Woodpecker, Crow,  Long Tailed Tit ……..

Then there are mammals. Squirrels, Badger, stoat, rabbit, weasel, mink, otter (pine martin?) ……

Reptiles. Adder, grass snake……….



Finally I wish all staff and members a Very Happy Christmas. 



Views of The Vale         Monday 15th October 2018


Congratulations and thank you to our Ladies Section for a most successful Autumn Supper, held last Saturday evening. Apologies to members who didn’t tell their partner about the function, as they will be reading this and asking why they weren’t invited to attend! The hot dishes included lasagne, four different curries and a veggie bake followed by delicious desserts. Where else can you enjoy such a night for £8? It really was a mouth-watering evening to savour and those who were lucky enough to attend and support the night made it even more special. The ladies once again triumphed through hard work and teamwork.


On Sunday I was surprised to arrive on the first tee and found a two ball teeing off in a better ball competition. Not let down by one member but two. Then there was a three ball playing behind my group. It appears fair weather golfers look at the forecast and decide to drop out at the last minute. I didn’t relish the thought of playing in the rain that was forecast but it turned out to be a treat and the temperature rose throughout the afternoon. If you have entered a comp and have a genuine reason not to play (A forecast of rain doesn’t count) it is your responsibility to find a replacement or ask the pro shop to put out a message to the membership. I would suggest that a no show without good reason equals a ban from the next Turkey Trot.


After two days of heavy rain provided by storm Callum the course was playable as long as you hit your putts a bit harder. The River Dee was almost level with the River Hole fairway and warnings to stay out of the water for any reason were in place. They used to conduct baptisms in the waters just above the bridge between Trevor and Froncysllte but not on days like last Sunday, you would end up cleansed in Chester!


Thinking about NO SHOWS, a lot of work goes into Presentation Night so I hope this year’s trophy winners will be in the clubhouse on Saturday night to collect their prizes. Dress is smart casual and best smile for the camera.


Struggling to find news of Daily Mail Foursomes I contacted Daily Mail Sport and they informed me that Chris Platt and Kingsley Evans won their match in the quarter finals 1 Up over Hornsey and lost in the quarter finals to  Cosby, (Leicestershire) 6 and 5. The finals were played at ST. Pierre, Monmouthshire and I’m sure our team were well looked after and will have some good memories to cherish after eight qualifying rounds to reach the finals of the longest running national foursomes knockout competition. Congratulations on a great achievement to add to two excellent golfing CVs.


Ken Williams

Views of The Vale 29th August 2018

Congratulations to Chris Platt, Club Champion and Kingsley Evans who have reached the finals of The Daily Mail Foursomes. The first gents pair from Llangollen to achieve this result, only Eira Davies and Cora Ellis have played in the finals of this national competition.

Wishing Chris and Kingsley best of luck for the finals.


Views of The Vale August 2017

Once again I am delighted to hear the following news from Mr President.

President's Day For Ladies:

This was played on Saturday 7th July on a singles Stableford basis with 30 players competing. The scores on the day were excellent as the ladies took full advantage of the much improved greens and extra run on the ball due to the dry conditions. Setting an early pace was first out Edie Wilson with a fine score of 40 points only to be pipped later on by Gaynor Gee with 41  and the eventual winner Lizzie Hart with an astonishing score of 46 points. 
I notice that George Smith, clearly studying form, has already booked Lizzie for the County Mixed Foursomes at the Plassey on Sunday 8th September! Other prize winners were Hilary Wells with 38 points and Lyn Taylor winning on count back with 37 points, squeezing out Margaret Jeffries, Susan Davies and Linda Morris who also came in with 37 points.
Gwynfor and Angie provided a delicious afternoon tea for all the players, and it was good to see many of the Lady Members who are unable to play at present at the club, along with some of the non-playing past captains and former members. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all.
Special thanks to Andy James who kindly offered to 'man' the halfway house and provided refreshments and some entertainment for the ladies!
(And special thanks to Mr President for organising and sponsoring the day! KW)

Welsh Men's Scratch Team Championship:

Congratulations to the Vale of Llangollen team on qualifying for the National finals to be held at Neath Golf Club from 9th to 12th August. This represents a fine achievement for everybody involved in the qualifying stages and we wish them well in their first round match against Aberystwyth on Friday morning. The team for the finals and representing the club is Greg Purdie, Mark Jones, Tom Price, Dan Gibbon, Dyfed Rowlands and Lee Davies, with Bob Gibbon and Wyn Jones acting as caddies. This will give our lads the chance to play head to head match play against some of the best players in Wales, so good luck to you all. Many thanks to Andy Brown for providing most of the kits for the team both this year and last year. The teams progress can be seen on the Wales Golf Website (GUW) under live scoring.

Daily Mail Foursomes:

Last Saturday morning Graham was at the club helping with starting for the Open Week-end. Coming off the 18th green at around 11am he spotted Kingsley Evans and Chris Platt shaking hands with 2 players that he did not recognise. 
“How they had got on?” he asked.
They had won on the last hole having been 5 down earlier in the match! Graham was a little puzzled but it transpired that they had just won their 6th round match in the Daily Mail Foursomes Competition against a pairing from Bridgenorth! This really is a magnificent performance from two of our established golfers both playing off 2 handicap. If they can win their next match they will be in the British Finals to be played at a Marriott Hotels venue in October. 

I don't believe any men's pairing from Llangollen has ever got to the 7th round stage, although I recall Eira Davies and Cora Ellis being in the Ladies Finals in the 1970's.
We all wish Kingsley and Chris all the very best in their 7th round match and when we know the date and venue it would be great if we could provide them with the support that they fully deserve. Anybody who has ever played Foursomes Match Play will realise what a difficult format it can be, but Kingsley and Chris are experienced and sporting competitors who on their day will be a tough pairing for anybody to beat! Good Luck both!

To end.
With a weather forecast for rain, I hear the greens have had some work done to them and there is a sand dressing to be washed in by much needed precipitation!

Seniors G.V. Roberts Cup Stableford
Neville Rawcliffe (631) won with 1 birdie and 3 pars 
Whilst I’ve been watching all the golf from Carnoustie the 2018 Open has been out shone by the above result that came through from Howdidido this week. I suspect the results computer doesn’t know that our Nev has celebrated his ninetieth birthday and whilst the stats for his round show that he didn’t score on the twelfth his gross score would have certainly beaten his age.
6 5 6 5 3 4 5 6 5      5 4 x 6 3 5 5 5 5
Playing off 23 handicap Nev took first prize to the delight of everyone and this has got to be a very special Senior Moment!
Congratulations from everyone at VLGC. 

Views of The Vale July 2018

Every Captain has his or her day and in recent weeks we have seen Captains’ Charity and Captain’s Day and I’m grateful to Captain Kevin for the following reports

The Charity Day 2nd June 2018 

Starting at 7.30 with a full field of 180 competitors, 
the weather was kind and refreshments at the half way house including the Wrexham Lager pit stop was much enjoyed. ( Certainly was! KW)
The overall winners came from the last group out which were Peter Wilkinson , Peta Lynn- Cheze , Sam Williams and Brian Griffiths.
Congratulations to them as they also qualify to play in the Prostate Cancer UK Regional event at Lymm on the 24th September hosted by Andrew Murray Golf.
Throughout the day donations were collected at the bar and half way house and after our comedian Bill Woolland who conducted the auction, Lady Captain and I are pleased to announce we raised over £8,800 for our two Charities Nightingale House Hospice and Prostate Cancer UK Ltd.
Many thanks to all the volunteers who manned the reception and raffle , the half way house and Lager stop.
To the sponsors and companies who donated prizes and auction items we would like to  say a huge thank you for making the day a massive success.

Thank you again. Mr Captain Kevin Walsh  Lady Captain Jane Thomas.

Captains Day 30th June 2018

Once again the sun shone and a full field played on the much improving greens.
Well someone liked them shooting a magnificent 43 points !!

Congratulations to overall winner Greg Purdie.

Once again many thanks to my volunteers who manned the Wrexham Lager Van and half way house. To my wife Sheila ,daughter Kerry for their help and my son Neal who played for the first time in 13 years well done.

I hope you enjoyed the refreshments and the day I certainly had a great day greeting many of you on the tee or at the halfway house.

Once again a raffle was run on the day along with a donations bucket and this raised a further £400 pounds for Captains Charities.

Thank you all once again for your support.       Kevin Walsh, Captain.

I know Lady Captain has already thanked everyone for her successful Lady Captain’s Day on the Ladies Facebook Page.

Both Captains certainly had ideal weather for their days and the scores were exceptional. Thanks to you both and the supporters who helped to make it all happen. A great deal of planning has made great contributions to your charities.

Sorry to report that my request for broken tee pegs to be collected and binned has fallen on deaf ears!

The run of good weather looks to be continuing through the month of July and this weekend’s scores certainly reflected what is possible on a fast running course. Owen Rutter won division 1 going out in 37 coming back in 36 with 4 birdies and 10 pars beating Gavin Pye (627) by 5 shots. Russ Bickley (1808) won division 2 going out in 46 coming back in 43 with 1 birdie and 4 pars beating Delwyn Jones (1631) by 2 shots. Mr President must have thought his prize for a course record was going to be claimed and Gavin Pye certainly thought he had The Newman Cup in the bag.  Congratulations Owen on a fine score.

I usually single out staff members who have been busy over recent months but everyone, from The Kitchen to The Office and The Pro Shop to the Greens has been flat out in the hot conditions. I’m sure members would join me in saying, “Many Thanks.” Not forgetting our cleaner who appears at some unearthly hour and keeps the club house shipshape!

Time to concentrate on Carnoustie,  Ken Williams.


Wed 4th April

Views of The Vale                      April 2018


Course Work


Weather permitting the Greens Staff will start the spring maintenance programme this weekend and will continue through next week.

This is essential work involving preparation for the summer golf season.

Finding a slot for this work, during this early part of the year, has been impossible so we will have to be patient and mindful of the staff who have priority at all times.


 Andrew and the team have battled with the water table and must be wondering  “What next?” I suspect it will be a battle against rapid growth and then a dry summer. There will usually be one person smiling in the clubhouse as he or she is top of the leader board. Could I ask the rest of the golfers to blame their slice, hook, clubs (not if Matt fitted them!), bad back, lack of practice, that putt that wouldn’t drop and all the other excuses but DON’T blame the staff for your golf. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and hard working team.


The weather forecast is improving and April showers are better than the conditions that the first three months of 2018 have thrown at us. I was amazed to see the course open last Saturday and then I saw the excellent winning result!!! Can’t complain about bandits.


Dedication also applies to our Comps and Handicaps Committee who administer the men’s scores and results. I hope someone has stood up and agreed to take over from David Griffiths.


Time to enjoy The Masters.


Regards, Ken Williams.

Friday 21st July

My thanks go to the Greens Staff who followed up on a note I sent out about the number of divot marks around the hundred yard markers. They have clearly been busy filling them in.

The soil /seed divot dressing bags are there for collection by the first and tenth tees and once emptied can be left in the bin by the eighteenth. They are there for you to fill in your own divots and any others you see. There is nothing wrong with replacing your own divot if you haven’t got a soil bag!

The recent dry spell left divots drying out and then the heavy rain, washed the dressing away. 

I met two of the Greens Staff this morning as they were adding more sand to the bunkers. There have been members who have found bunker shots difficult of late. Either the sand is too wet, too deep, too shallow or too dry. We have improved the faces of eight bunkers where the balls were plugging in the faces and now you should find your ball in a fairer position but don’t expect to splash out like a tour pro every time you are bunkered! The easiest answer is hit the greens and keep out of them.

Driving off the men’s first tee:........

If you are a long hitter (Seniors can now proceed to next paragraph) then please consider that when the bell has been rung on the first hole, if you can reach the hundred yard marker then you must ensure it is safe to drive and shout fore. The hole was designed to keep golf balls out of Abercregan Garden (the house on the right) and an errant shot could result in further restrictions to protect our neighbour.

Gents and Ladies must also make use of the bell on the fifth hole to inform players on the tee that the fairway is clear.

I was delighted to see the fine weather, glorious course and most enjoyable meal and prize giving all went smoothly for Lady Captain, Steph.

Bob reliably informs me, that Sky TV would cost us £6,408 per annum. It is based on our rateable value and you can’t just go for the sports package, a club has to purchase a full package. That equates to about £12 on your subs if you wanted it installed but it’s not to everyone’s taste. Now you know why The Open Golf was not on in the clubhouse.

I’ve got Adam Scott in the sweepstake so its time I checked the scores.


Ken Williams










Views of The Vale : March 2017

Lots of news and information so please read right to the end! 


The Directors, staff and members of The Vale of Llangollen would like to extend a very warm welcome to the Club to all our new and returning members.  If there is anything you need to know about playing the course, getting a handicap, or entering a competition, the Pro Shop staff are there to help you and point you to appropriate committee members.  If you know anyone that is interested in becoming a member please ask him / her to contact the Office or the Pro Shop, and we can arrange for them to play the course with you. The increase in Junior membership numbers is greatly encouraging for the Club’s future.


Please ensure that you repair any pitch marks on the greens caused by your ball, or any other ball landing on the green.  This area has proved problematic over recent seasons and something all members need to pay special attention too.  This greatly helps the green staff improving the putting surface you play on. The greens staff and greens committee hope that all the hard work put in over the winter will provide members with a course in great condition for the coming season. Only time, new growth and continued treatment will see the end of the fuz infection on the greens but the weather is currently helping.

Roy Ankers informs me that there will be disruption to the water supply in the men’s locker room wash basins on Monday April 10th and Tuesday 11th whilst they carry out works on our Disabled toilet improvements.


Your ballot form should be in and the votes will be counted on Thursday morning followed by an email and notice to inform you of the name of the new director who will be in post from 1st April 2017 for three years

There is a television in the snooker room that is surplus to requirements, so House and Social & Directors have agreed that "any reasonable offer" made for it before next Thursday will be considered.


St. David’s Day Celebration Dinner is our one black tie event of the year and it falls upon the President to organize the meal and entertainment. Last year I organized for a magician to entertain us with a tenuous link to Wales being a magical country. This year I was pleased to consult with Dennis Jones for his recommendations on a welsh choir and he certainly provided the answer. We were joined by Parti Y Siswrn from Mold who were on top form. I didn’t expect them to be accompanied by a harpist, keyboard and flute. Their program of music was excellent and amongst over fifty diners we were joined by a leading voice from the Froncysllte Male Voice Choir and the President of Rhos Male Voice and I’m sure they will be reporting back to their respective choirs on the harmonies we enjoyed. In addition, Gwynfor and Angie had compiled a traditional welsh menu that was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all. I certainly enjoyed presenting “the leek” to be consumed and washed down by a new face to the function. DIOLCH YN FAWR IAWN.


In past years I have followed the pattern of a President’s Day for Gents and one for Ladies. This year I have changed to one day for all Club members with an early start and late finish on 17th of June when the light allows for more tee times. There will still be gents and ladies prizes and you will be invited to complete the day with a Presidents Buffet Evening. Tickets will be on sale in advance and the disco is booked!

I am pleased to inform members that Phil and Gaynor Gee have been recognized by the Directors for the way in which they raised the bar and turned an ailing business into a success. In addition to the small collection made in the pro shop last December we have added complimentary membership for one year to their farewell gift to show our appreciation. 

Over the next month we can expect to see two drones visiting us! Not the bee variety but one belongs to Joe Pye who is a member. Joe, a freelance filmmaker, has kindly offered to make a hole by hole fly over of the course with commentary by Matt, our professional. This will be submitted as part of Joe’s course work to Manchester University. I was greatly impressed by Joe’s 'you-tube' film taken from above Dinas Bran

Llangollen Town Council has also contacted us as they are having a film linked to a project by the Welsh Assembly, The Year of Legends. They would like a general aerial view of the course and what a stunning Area of Outstanding Beauty they have at their disposal.

Hopefully the drones won’t be involved in aerial combat; my money is on Joe to win!

Finally, the H & S Committee have various events in the pipeline that will soon be advertised.

This is a bit like the painting the Forth Road Bridge as it is time to compile the next edition and I will soon be releasing the first excerpt of a 'Rule Book' for members.


Ken Williams



February 2017


The Club frontage is looking good and improvements to road down to Greens Shed progressing well. Once again I must thank Roy Ankers and Mike Davies for their vision and hard work on this project.

 Sometime ago I invited sections to contribute to Views of The Vale and I’m grateful to Andy James of The Seniors Section for the following supplement.

 Our first inter club Seniors Match is away to Rhuddlan on Tuesday 20th February. A friendly club with a great carvery, only the weather could be a problem!

 Now the transfer deadline is over, Andy James is pleased to present our new signings. From Carden Park; George and Mildred (aka Russ) in addition there is our very own Karl The Diver Livingstone and our Banker, Bill Dudgeon. Good to see these new additions adding a touch of glamour to our Senior Section!

 Andy provides a scoop item by revealing that during the Captain’s Drive in, whilst the crowd were enjoying the aroma from the kitchen, a cry of, “Beef” was heard as three great drives were launched down the fifth fairway. It can now be revealed, yes you read it here first, Captain Dave is now attempting to lose two stones in a sponsored weight loss act for his charity. Bravo and good luck to Mr Captain and we hope his weight watching is as good as his driving. Whoever cried, “Beef” will be served up with potatoes and two veg if he is identified.

Thanks Andy.



House and Social

Thanks to Sheila Walsh for organising the successful Candlelit Dinner

 St. David’s Day Dinner

Diolch to everyone who has booked their attendance for the evening. The menu looks tasty and the choir is booked. This is the one event that the President organises for the House and Social Committee so your support will be greatly appreciated.

 Wednesday 15th March sees the last of our Winter Quiz Nights so sign up your team on the sheet in the foyer. Six teams so far.

 Election for one director.

 The postal vote is organised and it is sometime since we had to hold an election, the last time being when Clwyd Roberts and myself were elected. We are a progressive group of directors and we aim to continue developing the course and clubhouse facilities for members. Please make your vote count.


I have just joined a cast of thousands on the Greens Committee and it is good to see the interest of members in the course developments. I can assure you that the committee is now full and making excellent progress, being in year two of the plan for three years.

It was clear that the committee have noticed an increase in divots not replaced and unrepaired pitch marks in abundance. One green had in the region of twenty-five pitch marks unattended last weekend. No comment.

 For all you lovers of conifers ( that mainly belong in Kronospan not in The Dee Vale) please be patient as the trees that have been felled will be replaced by new features.

 Looks like a weekend for wearing thermals is ahead.

 Swing well.

 Ken Williams