Views of the Vale


Wed 4th April

Views of The Vale                      April 2018


Course Work


Weather permitting the Greens Staff will start the spring maintenance programme this weekend and will continue through next week.

This is essential work involving preparation for the summer golf season.

Finding a slot for this work, during this early part of the year, has been impossible so we will have to be patient and mindful of the staff who have priority at all times.


 Andrew and the team have battled with the water table and must be wondering  “What next?” I suspect it will be a battle against rapid growth and then a dry summer. There will usually be one person smiling in the clubhouse as he or she is top of the leader board. Could I ask the rest of the golfers to blame their slice, hook, clubs (not if Matt fitted them!), bad back, lack of practice, that putt that wouldn’t drop and all the other excuses but DON’T blame the staff for your golf. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and hard working team.


The weather forecast is improving and April showers are better than the conditions that the first three months of 2018 have thrown at us. I was amazed to see the course open last Saturday and then I saw the excellent winning result!!! Can’t complain about bandits.


Dedication also applies to our Comps and Handicaps Committee who administer the men’s scores and results. I hope someone has stood up and agreed to take over from David Griffiths.


Time to enjoy The Masters.


Regards, Ken Williams.

Friday 21st July

My thanks go to the Greens Staff who followed up on a note I sent out about the number of divot marks around the hundred yard markers. They have clearly been busy filling them in.

The soil /seed divot dressing bags are there for collection by the first and tenth tees and once emptied can be left in the bin by the eighteenth. They are there for you to fill in your own divots and any others you see. There is nothing wrong with replacing your own divot if you haven’t got a soil bag!

The recent dry spell left divots drying out and then the heavy rain, washed the dressing away. 

I met two of the Greens Staff this morning as they were adding more sand to the bunkers. There have been members who have found bunker shots difficult of late. Either the sand is too wet, too deep, too shallow or too dry. We have improved the faces of eight bunkers where the balls were plugging in the faces and now you should find your ball in a fairer position but don’t expect to splash out like a tour pro every time you are bunkered! The easiest answer is hit the greens and keep out of them.

Driving off the men’s first tee:........

If you are a long hitter (Seniors can now proceed to next paragraph) then please consider that when the bell has been rung on the first hole, if you can reach the hundred yard marker then you must ensure it is safe to drive and shout fore. The hole was designed to keep golf balls out of Abercregan Garden (the house on the right) and an errant shot could result in further restrictions to protect our neighbour.

Gents and Ladies must also make use of the bell on the fifth hole to inform players on the tee that the fairway is clear.

I was delighted to see the fine weather, glorious course and most enjoyable meal and prize giving all went smoothly for Lady Captain, Steph.

Bob reliably informs me, that Sky TV would cost us £6,408 per annum. It is based on our rateable value and you can’t just go for the sports package, a club has to purchase a full package. That equates to about £12 on your subs if you wanted it installed but it’s not to everyone’s taste. Now you know why The Open Golf was not on in the clubhouse.

I’ve got Adam Scott in the sweepstake so its time I checked the scores.


Ken Williams










Views of The Vale : March 2017

Lots of news and information so please read right to the end! 


The Directors, staff and members of The Vale of Llangollen would like to extend a very warm welcome to the Club to all our new and returning members.  If there is anything you need to know about playing the course, getting a handicap, or entering a competition, the Pro Shop staff are there to help you and point you to appropriate committee members.  If you know anyone that is interested in becoming a member please ask him / her to contact the Office or the Pro Shop, and we can arrange for them to play the course with you. The increase in Junior membership numbers is greatly encouraging for the Club’s future.


Please ensure that you repair any pitch marks on the greens caused by your ball, or any other ball landing on the green.  This area has proved problematic over recent seasons and something all members need to pay special attention too.  This greatly helps the green staff improving the putting surface you play on. The greens staff and greens committee hope that all the hard work put in over the winter will provide members with a course in great condition for the coming season. Only time, new growth and continued treatment will see the end of the fuz infection on the greens but the weather is currently helping.

Roy Ankers informs me that there will be disruption to the water supply in the men’s locker room wash basins on Monday April 10th and Tuesday 11th whilst they carry out works on our Disabled toilet improvements.


Your ballot form should be in and the votes will be counted on Thursday morning followed by an email and notice to inform you of the name of the new director who will be in post from 1st April 2017 for three years

There is a television in the snooker room that is surplus to requirements, so House and Social & Directors have agreed that "any reasonable offer" made for it before next Thursday will be considered.


St. David’s Day Celebration Dinner is our one black tie event of the year and it falls upon the President to organize the meal and entertainment. Last year I organized for a magician to entertain us with a tenuous link to Wales being a magical country. This year I was pleased to consult with Dennis Jones for his recommendations on a welsh choir and he certainly provided the answer. We were joined by Parti Y Siswrn from Mold who were on top form. I didn’t expect them to be accompanied by a harpist, keyboard and flute. Their program of music was excellent and amongst over fifty diners we were joined by a leading voice from the Froncysllte Male Voice Choir and the President of Rhos Male Voice and I’m sure they will be reporting back to their respective choirs on the harmonies we enjoyed. In addition, Gwynfor and Angie had compiled a traditional welsh menu that was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all. I certainly enjoyed presenting “the leek” to be consumed and washed down by a new face to the function. DIOLCH YN FAWR IAWN.


In past years I have followed the pattern of a President’s Day for Gents and one for Ladies. This year I have changed to one day for all Club members with an early start and late finish on 17th of June when the light allows for more tee times. There will still be gents and ladies prizes and you will be invited to complete the day with a Presidents Buffet Evening. Tickets will be on sale in advance and the disco is booked!

I am pleased to inform members that Phil and Gaynor Gee have been recognized by the Directors for the way in which they raised the bar and turned an ailing business into a success. In addition to the small collection made in the pro shop last December we have added complimentary membership for one year to their farewell gift to show our appreciation. 

Over the next month we can expect to see two drones visiting us! Not the bee variety but one belongs to Joe Pye who is a member. Joe, a freelance filmmaker, has kindly offered to make a hole by hole fly over of the course with commentary by Matt, our professional. This will be submitted as part of Joe’s course work to Manchester University. I was greatly impressed by Joe’s 'you-tube' film taken from above Dinas Bran

Llangollen Town Council has also contacted us as they are having a film linked to a project by the Welsh Assembly, The Year of Legends. They would like a general aerial view of the course and what a stunning Area of Outstanding Beauty they have at their disposal.

Hopefully the drones won’t be involved in aerial combat; my money is on Joe to win!

Finally, the H & S Committee have various events in the pipeline that will soon be advertised.

This is a bit like the painting the Forth Road Bridge as it is time to compile the next edition and I will soon be releasing the first excerpt of a 'Rule Book' for members.


Ken Williams



February 2017


The Club frontage is looking good and improvements to road down to Greens Shed progressing well. Once again I must thank Roy Ankers and Mike Davies for their vision and hard work on this project.

 Sometime ago I invited sections to contribute to Views of The Vale and I’m grateful to Andy James of The Seniors Section for the following supplement.

 Our first inter club Seniors Match is away to Rhuddlan on Tuesday 20th February. A friendly club with a great carvery, only the weather could be a problem!

 Now the transfer deadline is over, Andy James is pleased to present our new signings. From Carden Park; George and Mildred (aka Russ) in addition there is our very own Karl The Diver Livingstone and our Banker, Bill Dudgeon. Good to see these new additions adding a touch of glamour to our Senior Section!

 Andy provides a scoop item by revealing that during the Captain’s Drive in, whilst the crowd were enjoying the aroma from the kitchen, a cry of, “Beef” was heard as three great drives were launched down the fifth fairway. It can now be revealed, yes you read it here first, Captain Dave is now attempting to lose two stones in a sponsored weight loss act for his charity. Bravo and good luck to Mr Captain and we hope his weight watching is as good as his driving. Whoever cried, “Beef” will be served up with potatoes and two veg if he is identified.

Thanks Andy.



House and Social

Thanks to Sheila Walsh for organising the successful Candlelit Dinner

 St. David’s Day Dinner

Diolch to everyone who has booked their attendance for the evening. The menu looks tasty and the choir is booked. This is the one event that the President organises for the House and Social Committee so your support will be greatly appreciated.

 Wednesday 15th March sees the last of our Winter Quiz Nights so sign up your team on the sheet in the foyer. Six teams so far.

 Election for one director.

 The postal vote is organised and it is sometime since we had to hold an election, the last time being when Clwyd Roberts and myself were elected. We are a progressive group of directors and we aim to continue developing the course and clubhouse facilities for members. Please make your vote count.


I have just joined a cast of thousands on the Greens Committee and it is good to see the interest of members in the course developments. I can assure you that the committee is now full and making excellent progress, being in year two of the plan for three years.

It was clear that the committee have noticed an increase in divots not replaced and unrepaired pitch marks in abundance. One green had in the region of twenty-five pitch marks unattended last weekend. No comment.

 For all you lovers of conifers ( that mainly belong in Kronospan not in The Dee Vale) please be patient as the trees that have been felled will be replaced by new features.

 Looks like a weekend for wearing thermals is ahead.

 Swing well.

 Ken Williams